Figure you need
4 good prospects
for each gift you
hope to receive.

250+ gifts =
1000+ Prospects

Working out their gameplan

In addition to the smaller gifts in the $500-1,000 range, you will need 143 gifts of $1,500-200,000. You will need 4 times that figure, almost 600 prospects, to reach your goal. Very few people can name 600 prospects willing to donate $1,500-$200,000 off the top of their head. There are people out there who can, but there are very few of them.

Most organizations depend on a campaign committee that has connections and on a donor development program that leads to a growing base of support.

Alexander Macnab & Co. specializes in helping clients develop a support network. Let us help you.

Of those 1000 prospects who will give between $500-200,000, how many do you know?