Gifts Gift Amount
1 gift of $300,000 – 600,000
2 gifts of $225,000
4 gifts of $75,000
10 gifts of $30,000
20 gifts of $20,000
40 gifts of $10,000
66 gifts of $5,000
Many gifts of $500-5,000

500Sobering, isn’t it? Many organizations get cold feet when they consider just exactly what it means to raise significant quantities of cash. And still, the viability of many organizations is a direct function of their ability to raise funds.

Alexander Macnab & Company has been there, year in and year out, supporting worthy clients to do the work that needs to be done. From support with a single aspect of fund-raising, to assistance designing and implementing an ongoing suite of campaigns, we can help.

So, how many prospects do you need to get these gifts?